AEPORT - Associação Eneagrama de Portugal

I am passionate about understanding our behaviors and even more about people. I always have one more question to put, as a good type Type 6.

When I immersed myself in the Enneagram, I had a wonderful feeling of having arrived home. It all started to make sense. The impact that has had on my life was immense, either personally or in my professional life. Undoubtedly, it allowed me to raise the quality of the results I saw my clients achieve.

The Enneagram was also a booster in the quality of my personal life: all communication with family and friends take place at a much more conscious and effective level. Quickly became a passion…

And after all that the Enneagram has given me, I want to return. I´ll do it by dedicating this period to the service of the Association, with the purpose of actively disseminating the Enneagram in Portugal, in its different aspects.

Having the privilege of having the support and presence of people who share this passion and who have accepted the challenge of supporting this goal, let us put our whole heart in this work.

May it be a period of expansion, openness, understanding, and greater compassion for others.

May it also be a path of empowerment and greater accountability for ourselves and for all that we do.

Together, we are greater than the sum of the parts …