AEPORT - Associação Eneagrama de Portugal
What is the Enneagram?

ENEAGRAMA is a powerful, deep and dynamic personality system that allows us to understand 9 different but interrelated ways of seeing the World. In practice, the Enneagram describes nine distinct patterns in how one looks, perceives, and interacts in daily life.

In describing “9 points”, we get the description of 9 Personality Types.

The Enneagram allows a very clear understanding of the human patterns and habits associated with each Type of Personality.

Each Personality Type is identified by te way he direct is Attention.

By understanding better where we habitually place our Attention and our Energy, we can develop self-consciousness very clearly.

This broadening of our self-awareness opens doors to a greater capacity for choice over how we function and act, rather than keeping ourselves in the automatic mechanisms of thoughts, emotions and actions, that is, our habits.

The practical application of the Enneagram goes far beyond personal development.Due to the depth of knowledge it brings us, the scope of its application is quite wide:

  • Gives a more precise direction to the processes of Coaching and Personal Development
  • It is used, as a complement, in therapy processes
  • In the arts, its application is surprising (fo exemple, theater)
  • In Education and Parenting, it has been growing because it allows more effective communication between parents or educators and children, teachers and students
  • In a business environment, it helps to support conflict management, increase the effectiveness of communication between teams and the leadership exercise itself.